View Via Voice audio describers have been making art accessible since 1999. Trained professionals allow the patrons to "view" stage performances as they listen to verbal enhancements through headphones. VVH also holds local garden tours as well as local arts festival and art gallery events.

Cindy with equipment at State High

Stage Performances

Audio description, at no extra charge to ticket holders, offers live verbal description of the visual elements of selected performances at the Center for the Performing Arts (Eisenhower Auditorium) at Penn State, as well as various local theaters in the State College area. View Via Voice's certified professionals use a transmitter and microphone to relay a pictorial description to patrons wearing earpieces attached to palm-sized receivers. Audio description clarifies details and provides background information, but it doesn't interfere with other key audible elements of a performance. 

Tickets to performances are often available at a reduced, or at no cost, for patrons with sight loss, and often for their driver/escort as well. The Center for the Performing Arts has funding to provide a limited number of complementary tickets under their excellent accessibility program. Inquiries may be made by calling Joi McKenzie at the CPA box office, 814-865-5011. Often, local theater companies provide discounted or complelmentary tickets to our members. Please inquire by phone with the appropriate ticket office for these offers when obtaining your tickets.


Nanette describing at the Robeson Gallery

Visual Arts

For art exhibits, describers detail individual works, their history, and often provide tactile samples that simulate the different types of media used. Tickets to these events are often provided free of charge to the visually impaired.


Susan describing at the Arboretum.

garden tours

Assisted by trained educators from the Master Gardeners program, once a year View Via Voice presents a tour of a local garden. Often held at the Arboretum at Penn State, this is the perfect opportunity for those with sight loss or other disabilities to experience the gardens using all of their senses. 


Upcoming audio described events

For a full list of scheduled Audio Described performances at the Center for the Performing Arts, please see the cpa's audio description page and purchase your tickets early!

Click for a full calendar list of past audio described events.


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Become a View Via Voice audio-describer and help blind and partially sighted people experience the arts beyond vision loss.

Audio-describers paint a verbal picture of the key visual elements of a play, musical, or dance performance that are often lost to blind and partially sighted people—scenery, costumes, and actors’ facial expressions and actions. View Via Voice also offers occasional tours of art exhibits, arts festivals, historic sites, museums, and arboretums.

Please consider this rewarding opportunity: Become a volunteer audio-describer. View Via Voice is a project of the Sight-Loss Support Group of Central PA and has been describing the arts for individuals with sight loss in the Centre region since 1999. For more information, or for a list of upcoming described events, please visit or call the office at 814-238-0132.